Court:  New York Supreme, Bronx
Parties: Garratine, plaintiff v. New York Telephone and Remark Electric Corp., defendants

Apparently afraid of facing the legal might of attorney Calender, the defendants in a personal injury case, in which the client fell from a ladder, settled out of court for a whopping $550,000. Interestingly, the defendants decided to settle the case just before jury selection commenced. The settlement was accomplished even as the defendants disputed the injuries sustained by the client, arguing that the injuries (damaged intervertebral discs in his lower back which required surgery) existed before the accident and were due to normal wear and tear of daily activities. They also claimed that the client was at fault for causing the accident by misusing the ladder.

Utilizing evidence such as MRI films, photographs of the ladder, and a safety inspection report that concluded that the ladder was defective, attorney Calender’s legal acumen scored another victory for his client.